Insatiable Epicurean

Voted one of New York's Best Epicurean Courtesans 


Insatiable Epicurean

Voted one of New York's Best Epicurean Courtesans 

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The best things in life dont come easily.
They must be acquired.
To really appreciate Brooke, cultivation of taste is a must
For those who believe a wine is not just a wine ,
a rose is not just a rose, and a woman is not just a woman
Somethings are not a commodity and are worth a premium.

Like the famed vintage wines of Pomerol
Brooke is a wonderfully intoxicating libation
whose flavors explode on the palate with uncommon richness and depth
Like the most highly sought after Cuban cigars. Brooke is smooth and melodious,
enclosed in the most beautiful wrapper that reminds one of the color of anisette,
light coffee or rich milk chocolate. Like the finest french 1000 thread count linens,
Brooke's luxurious feel and superior style is unparalleled. The way she feels and will make you feel can't be described.

Like all these exclusive worthwhile indulgences,
Brooke must be savored to be completely appreciated. In only by doing so will you understand how Brooke creates the perfectly balanced, sublimely pleasurable , sensory experience....

An experience that can only be described as THE ULTIMATE GFE
Brooke St James is your Elite International

Epicurean Courtesan!






Incall is arranged on a as needed basis only

and will require a small 20% deposit to confirm meeting with "new friends"

This of course is deducted from the menus  total






Brooke St James serves as the evenings executive chef, carefully tailoring a delectiable menu to  your palate.




You are the " Master Chef" for the evening. If there is something specific you would like on the evenings menu please don't hesitate to relay that to Brooke. 



Brooke also has a sweet and  savory selection of ladies she calls friends  for sumptous accompaniment please see below




Brooke accepts a  limited number of reservations up to one month

in advance .



Brooke accepts a  limited number of reservations up to one month

in advance .

Please see the Reservation form below

Name *
Business Phone
Business Phone
Date of reservation
Date of reservation
Cell/Contact Phone
Cell/Contact Phone

By Email



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Special Events & International travel

 Events are opportunities for Brooke to enjoy time more closely her with guests.  

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Rules of Engagement 

Brooke requires a small deposit confirm a meetings that require her to "secure arrangements".

This quickly verifies those Gents who are indeed serious about meeting.

It also insures should a gentleman cancel last minute Brooke is able to recoup the lost via that initial deposit. Please be advised Brooke has never "stiffed" anyone nor run off with anyones deposit.

You can rest assured that Brooke is a well reviewed well known provider with a solid and honest reputation.

Deposits can be sent by prepaid gift credit card, money gram, western union, paypal reload card, amazon giftcard and of course Diamonds or Gold Bullion. 


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Compensation is for our time together and for companionship and entertainment only! These rates are non negotiable. Never discuss ,confirm or negotiate the rate upon our meeting. Doing so will immediately terminate the appointment and forefiet any and all deposits.  All new gentleman friends are required to secure meetings with a small deposit . This quickly qualifies those gentleman who are indeed serious about meeting.


Incalls are secured on a "as needed basis only"  for the gentleman's convenience. This again does requires a small $200 deposit to secure those arrangements for us. Deposits are sent either via western union or pre-paid gift credit card

Brooke is an elite provider who prefers to spend her time with a select few

Any Meetings after 11pm are billed at a 100% increase of the Normal rates listed

(ie: Normal 2hrs meeting at $1000 will be 2hrs at $2000after 11pm)

All dates 4hrs or longer begin at the hotel bar or a Restaurant of your choosing .Please note that our time would be Divided Equally between PUBLIC AND PRIVATE TIME! 

Dates of 12hrs or longer not only require our time to be divided between PUBLIC AND PRIVATE TIME BUT also require ample time for my BEAUTY REST!  

All "Travel Dates" international or domestic require a 50% upfront deposit sent to confirm the booking as Brooke schedules her own travel and Lodging arrangements. 

*** SpecialRates are for those Gentleman who see Brooke Monthly or Bi Monthly!***


Exclusive arrangements are Brookes absolute favorite. Exclusive arrangements allow for complete flexibility as it pertains to my schedule.

$20,000.00 month (Im completely yours) 

$10,000.00 3 weekends out the month

$7,500.00   2 weekends out of the month

If you havent seen Brooke in the past Two Months please be advise that her currents rates would apply as listed currently on her website. 

Brooke has a select list of ladies for Lustful Accompaniment


Once a date has been set you may call to speak directly with Brooke 


There are no items to display from the selected collection.